Rug Care

Taking care of your Porter Haken Rug.

Horse rugs are an extremely important part of your kit for your horse to keep it comfortable and protected from the weather. Rugs aren’t cheap and keeping it clean and in good condition is not only better for your bank balance but more importantly keeps your horse comfortable and safe.

The importance of keeping your rug clean and in good condition.

Keeping your rug clean and in good condition is very important, it benefits the wellbeing and comfort of your horse. Maintaining the condition of your rug helps to keep the rug performing as it should such as staying waterproof, fitting well etc.

What you will need:

  • Horse rug wash.
  • Horse rug conditioner.
  • Bucket, brush and hot water.

Horse Rug Wash.

When cleaning your horse’s rug you should use a dedicated horse rug wash. Specific rug wash works better than hot soapy water alone, and it carries a much lower risk of wearing off the protective elements of the rug’s fabrics.

Horse Rug Conditioner.

Using a rug conditioner can rejuvenate the fluorocarbon and silicone coating on your horse’s rug, which will increase the surface tension of the fabric and encourage the repellent of water, oil and soil.

How to clean your horse’s rug.

We recommend cleaning your horse’s rug yourself as it will work out much cheaper than using a professional rug washing service.

Here’s how:

  • Allow any mud and dirt to dry. Scrub mud and dirt with a bristled brush and then hose down your rug.
  • Following the instructions on the bottle, add some rug wash to hot water and scrub it into the rug thoroughly with a clean brush, pay particular attention to any excessively dirty areas.
  • Rinse off the wash with clean water and repeat the process with a rug conditioner, this will help to rejuvenate the fluorocarbons and silicone levels in the rug to pro-long the life of the rug.

If your horse rug is extremely dirty or damaged in anyway, you should call upon the services of a professional cleaner, as they’ll have the expertise to carry out a perfect horse rug wash or repair job without damaging the blanket further.