How to measure your horse for a rug

How to measure your horse for a rug

When buying a rug for your horse to a good fit is essential, an ill fitting rug can do more harm than good.

Its quite simple to measure your horse to ensure a good fit. Here are our top tips:

  • Using a tape measure (it will take two people!) simply put one end of the tape in the centre of your horse’s chest and take the tape measure around your horses’s side to where you expect the rug to finish on its buttocks, approximately in line with the top of the tail.
  • Take the measurement in feet and inches.
  • If your horse falls in between two sizes it is always best to go up a size rather than down.
  • Our rugs go up in increments of 3 inches.
  • Once you have received your rug always try it on over the top of a clean summer sheet or a bed sheet, nothing too bulky.
  • Ensure you leave all the tags on and retain the packaging until you are happy with the fit.

How to get a good fit.

  • The rug should fit well across your horse’s withers and shoulders so that the horse can move freely and the rug is not slipping backwards.
  • The straps should be tight enough to hold the rug securely in place, but not too tight that they cause the rug’s shape to pull on the horse’s back. Rugs which are too tight can cause rubbing around the horse’s chest and wither area.
  • Cross surcingles should be fastened and adjusted so you still get the width of your hand in between the surcingle and your horse’s body.
  • Fasten your legs straps with the left one passing around the horses leg and to the left side, the right strap to the right fastening but loop the right one through the left one. There should be about 4 inches between the horses leg and the straps. Our leg straps have elasticated sections to ensure freedom of movement for your horse and help prevent leg straps being torn off.

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